Graham 16/08/2022

By now it is certain: the Mediterranean diet with its foods helps prevent the onset of disease and brings well-being to the body.

MAGISNAT, in its many researches and studies, claims that if people eat properly, following a Mediterranean-type diet, and lead an active life, playing sports, they would enjoy good health and the probability of getting sick would be really low.

To stay well, it is essential to adopt a balanced diet consisting of many wholesome and fresh foods.

It is important to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables and spices. These foods are a great source of vitamins, especially types A and C, fiber, and water and potassium.

The amount of meat and fish is important, but be careful not to overdo it. Lean meats such as poultry, rabbit, lamb and goat and oily fish are recommended, not exceeding twice a week as well as eggs, which should be whole and of any type.

It is essential to consume milk and dairy products, which can be from sheep, goat and cow. Cheeses can also be consumed, but being careful not to overdo it as they are high-fat foods.

Speaking of fats, the Mediterranean diet offers a very important condiment, which is extra virgin olive oil that allows you to flavor dishes.

Finally, cereals, tubers and legumes should not be forgotten: the main source of energy. They must be present in all meals and consumed in moderation.

In short, a variety of foods that provide really important benefits to the human organism.

MAGISNAT is convinced of this and is doing numerous activities to spread the Mediterranean style among the population. In addition, it is collaborating with numerous universities and researchers to promote a line of dietary supplements, to date consisting of GARLIVE RECOVERY, based on olive tree polyphenols and high-dose vitamins, and GARLIVE ORAL SPRAY based on olive tree polyphenols, to help people feel good.

A great project that has important goals for the well-being of the society.